Friday, 9 January 2015

Affordance Research

An “affordance” is a perceived signal or clue that an object may be used to perform a particular action. 

Commerce websites are a good example of using metaphorical affordances. The shopping trolley symbol is used to make a link to real world objects to communicate the purpose. This is something I will need to consider when design my website.

The example above is another method of displaying information. The tabs are used to represent a filing system in real world situation.

Point of interaction need to be designed so the user know they afford clicking.

This example shows a carousel affordance, it shows communicates how many slides there are and what point you are at in the sequence.

As i will be designing an e-commerce website I will need to consider affordances as there will be sections that will need to communicate real-word objects such as the shopping trolley, and point of interaction such as button, pagination, search bars...etc 

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